designer, photographer, pet lover, and friend

Kon'nichiwa, I'm Anthony. Kon'nichiwa is Japanese for hello. (I'm working on learning Japanese in my spare time to be able to communicate with my grandmother who is native to Japan.) My ethnical background is quite diverse, but I feel I am more in touch with the 1/4 Japanese since she helped raise me. When I do have spare time, I am learning new design or photography techniques, watching sports, or playing with my animals. 

I love college football and Florida State Seminoles is my team. Go Noles! I do watch pro from time to time, but find myself getting into college ball a lot more. On the other hand, I do prefer NBA over college basketball. I don't really have a team in the NBA, but I'm rooting for Stephan Curry and the Golden State Warriors to win the title and I think this could be their year. The Splash Brothers can tear up the back court!

My experience

A graduate of Full Sail University with a bachelor of science in digital arts and design, I've expanded my knowledge base. I have a broad knowledge of programs specific to the entertainment industry including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, and Sound Forge. I have direct experience working in team based atmospheres as well as short deadlines. I take particular interest in the area of print and web design, though would like to work anywhere within the design or entertainment industry.

I have found that the 10 years of experience I have working in team based atmospheres has taught me a lot. The past years have helped show myself that although things can begin slow and rocky, the deadline is what matters and can assist in guaranteeing a beautiful goal. I personally seem to have a knack for 3D, numbers, and code. Some of the 3D software I've had experience with include: AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, 3DS Max, and Cinema 4D. I taught myself HTML and CSS in my spare time and am currently undertaking real estate photography.

which path I should take...

Upon graduating high school I found myself looking towards a field of study that would peek my interest and make a career. I originally turned towards architecture, and I loved it. I realized after a couple months of core classes that there was something missing, something that didn't peek my creative prowess. It was then, after some help from a good friend, that I found the area of design. After research, I found the area of graphic and web design most intriguing and peeked my interest far greater then architecture did. I later enrolled in Full Sail University and found that the coding of web design and development helped cure my hunger for my arithmetical skill set, while graphic design cured my need for creativeness. Since receiving my Bachelor of Science from Full Sail University, I've been more then pleased and have been blessed to be able to work in various atmospheres with a mixture of clientele.

What about photography??

Growing up, my parents always had a camera in hand. Since I can remember, they were always taking pictures with their Nikon F601 on family trips and days at the beach. Once I grew up, my father showed me a few tips. I unfortunately soon forgot these tips, but it was Full Sail that helped me regain these memories and realize how much I enjoyed photography. While enrolled at Full Sail I was given the opportunity to experiment with portrait and still life photography, but only recently did I realize that this genre wasn't for me.

I recently found the area of real estate photography and it has helped bring me full circle back to architecture. I feel that taking those architectural classes has given me an advantage when taking photos for real estate clients. I am able to see certain architectural features that others may not and highlight them with photos.